From the beginning

It is the last day of January, and our first month of 2012 has literally flown by! So today we thought we'd do a bit of a different (and more sentimental) post. As we say goodbye to January and head swiftly into February, we are going to tell you the short story of how this blog came to be...

One small seed was planted in our minds in August last year. That seed was Ruby & the Swallow. Or it would come to be, at least, after many a brainstorm and lots of hard work. The end product is always easier said than done. We are designers and therefore perfectionists, and from creating our name to designing the blog, it took a long time for us to come up with something that we both absolutely adored. Here is a small glimpse into our process...

We have both designed wedding invitations for friends and family, and naturally, we find it more fun than a chore! We could both spend hours browsing the net for interesting blogs, inspiring images, DIY tutorials, and wedding styling. It is not that either of us is obsessed with getting married ourselves, but more that we are obsessed with the tiny details of a wedding that can make one couple’s Big Day into the happiest of their lives. Greatness is always found in the small details. It is from this foundation that a small seed was planted, when one conversation between us last year literally blossomed into Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective.
Everything else is all about the pretty and sparkly (which we love) but we wanted our blog’s name to be different. We didn’t want it to be obvious, but to have the purpose of evoking feelings of whimsy, and to have a classic look and feel with a fun, modern edge. One afternoon, we were sitting having coffee (the place where many dreams have begun), and we felt that all of the names we had come up with so far were good, but not quite right. By starting to think of words we both loved and blending them, somehow, the fairytale of Ruby & the Swallow came to life. Pages and pages of fonts, colour palettes, icons and typesetting later, we created a logo and blog design that we adored. The envelope sitting on the antique chair relates back to our work as graphic designers, and together those images evoke mystery, hope and dreams.

Ruby & the Swallow really is a daydream come true. And we are so eager to carry on this journey with you. We aspire to be an all-round good-feeling blog, so we hope you stay to enjoy the ride while we add a little delight to your daily life.

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