Girl, what you wore was NASTY!

So, we have to do it. We've showed you our best dressed list at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, and now we have to show you our worst too. Not all of them are on this list because the dress was particularly bad but rather because they were just plain *yawn* boring! 
First up on the firing range is Zooey Deschanel, pictured left.
No amount of Prada can save this girl from a dress gone bad. We love Zooey for her quirkiness and sweet charm, none of which are present in that dress. We want cute, we want floaty and we want fun, NOT something out of Tron. Naughty! 

Jodie Foster (right)
No, no, no, no! This is sooo boring and so blah! Come on woman, you were nominated, put some effort into it! On the plus side, your hair looks great and dress does fit you. So well done for that. 
Nicole Kidman (pictured left) 
Nicole - the cowboys called, they want their studs back. 

Kelly Osbourne (pictured right)
Words fail. The colour is great, but not with the sleeked platinum thing that's crawled onto her head. 

Jessica Alba (left) and Reese Witherspoon (right) 
Ok, ok, before we get shot down here, let us explain. Yes, the dresses are nice and yes, they are pretty, but that's about it. Where's the heart, where's the extravagance, where's the pop? These are just run of the mill red carpet dresses for not so run of the mill actresses. Let's hope that they are saving their best for the Oscars. 
Piper Perabo, in case any of you didn't know (don't feel bad, I had to Google it), was nominated for Best Actress in a television Drama series (Covert Affairs). No one knows why she wore this, but its suspected that a small army of trolls were underneath her dress the whole time. Ugh, its just gross and way to cumbersome. I'll put money down and say that even Gaga wouldn't wear this. 
Sarah Michelle Geller, why do you look so happy? You should be crying, not laughing. This dress is hideous. We know tie die was in at some point, but surely we draw the line at adding it, in several layers, to a big puffy meringue dress? Oh the horror! 

And just to appease your eyes after all of that, we've rounded up some the stragglers that narrowly missed our Top Ten Best Dressed list. Everyone likes a bit of pretty and these sure are some pretty dresses. Enjoy! 

From left to right, top to bottom: 
Lea Michele of Glee fame looks sultry in this Marchesa number. Our home girl Charlize Theron always has impeccable taste and this Christian Dior creation was made for her.
Viola Davis looks ravishing in this Emilio Pucci dress. We love its Grecian style and deep colour - nicely done Viola! Claire Danes stole the show in this backless J. Mendell gown. We love its fit and simplicity. Kate Winselt is the picture of perfection in this Jenny Packham well fitted and well styled dress. Evan Rachel Wood  looks ravishing in Gucci. Hey, we have respect for anyone that can pull off that many feathers. Diane Lane looks classic and sparkly in this Dolce and Gabbana gown. Heidi Klum is fresh, modern and on trend in this Calvin Klein dress. 

So another Golden Globes has gone by, kicking off the start of awards season. Keep in touch with Ruby as we highlight the Oscars and the Grammy Awards in the months to come. See you tommorow for a peek into our handbags, and as such, into our lives! 

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