Hello and welcome to Ruby & the Swallow!

Welcome to what we have dedicated the better part of the last six months of our lives to planning! This is our first post as the editors behind Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective blog, and we couldn’t be more excited! So grab a cup of coffee, take a seat and get comfy while we tell you a bit about ourselves...

Ruby and the Swallow began as a hobby for two graphic designers to keep themselves busy with what they really love. But as the brainstorming ensued and the creativity flowed, we realised that this is so much more than a hobby. It has become a place of whimsy and inspiration for us, and now hopefully for you too!

We have a complete obsession with stationery design and all the pretty details involved in weddings. This all-round good-feeling blog is just another place for us to adore everything design, wedding and more.

What you can expect is a bit of the following:
                  ~ Inspiration and mood boards
                  ~ Design trends
                  ~ Free printable downloads designed by ourselves
                  ~ Featured Love Stories (real weddings)
                  ~ DIY’s and crafting tutorials and ideas
                  ~ General information about the wedding industry in Natal.

We are all over the web! Email us at rubyandtheswallow@gmail.com and find us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Add us to your blogroll on Bloglovin’ to be sure you don’t miss a post. So please get in touch – comment on our posts, make your opinions heard, email us, Facebook us or Tweet us – we would love to hear from you!

From a place of much happiness and delight, we welcome you again to our blog. Please do come back tomorrow for a peek into the wonderful world we have created for ourselves.

The Ruby Team

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