Photoshop yourself to perfection

"This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty." This is an advert with a difference, created by Jesse Rosten; it is an amazing satirical piece with great production. It has gone viral, so I'm sure some of you have seen it being passed around. 
As graphic designers, we know the amazing technology that Photoshop is, because we work with it every day. We know that it is used to retouch images, sometimes to the point of absolute flawlessness, plastic skin and no pores. But there is a thin line between retouching and recreating images.

Wouldn’t you like Photoshop to change your day? Imagine you could perfect every imperfection on your body, and portray that image to the world; you considered it, didn’t you? 

And just to lighten up the mood for Friday, go to this link to see some Photoshop gone BAD!

Video credit: Fotoshop by Adobe // Find Jesse Rosten on Twitter.

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