Engagement Story: Garth + Christine

Garth and Christine are gorgeous couple from Pietermaritzburg, whose engagement shoot is one of the loveliest I have ever seen! The amazing Julie Patrick was their photographer, and she captured the couple in a way that you can feel how real their love this, and each item in the shoot has a special significance in their relationship. Christine's written story is too beautiful to change one bit; so here it is below, in her own words:

“On the 19th of November 2011 at approximately three in the afternoon, my boyfriend of two years dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him (YAY!!). So, knowing the end of the story, this is how it happened (let me just add upfront, I had NO idea what was coming!).

Garth phoned me late on Friday night to see what my plans for Saturday were, but I was finished the last set of my exams for my degree so of course I had no plans; he told me he'd pick me up at 7am, dressed comfortably. I got up the next morning, pulled on jeans and a hoodie and he arrived on time, armed with coffee in travel mugs for our trip on a very drizzly and grey morning. We headed off in the direction of the coast to the sound of Colbie Callait to celebrate my exams being over, and I told him it felt like we were going on an adventure (little did I realise how much of an adventure). I didn't ask where we were going because I really enjoy surprises.

We kept driving, all the way past Port Shepstone, just chatting along the way. We kept going until we got to Oribi Gorge, and then drove to a place where they offer horse rides along the gorge. Garth got out of the car and told me not to look in the back seat and took my phone away (first point of suspicion). Then we went to meet our horses and waited for them to get saddled up. We headed off on our ride, the rain and drizzle stopping just as we left. The view of the misty gorge and the waterfall was incredible! After our ride, I got back in the car, but Garth suggested we take a look at the restaurant near the stables. He took two tog bags off the back seat and as soon as we got inside, he handed me a bag and told me to change into whatever was inside. I opened up the bag and found the dress Garth had bought me for my 21st with a selection of shoes, jewellery, make-up and perfume. Suspicious point number 2. I freaked out a little bit. But I changed, walked out and saw Garth dressed to the nines in his suit. We walked back to the car and left, which threw me off a bit, and Garth didn't seem nervous. He told me he wanted me to feel really special after finishing exams.
We drove from there to Southbroom on the coast where Garth had made a reservation at a little Italian restaurant on the river. We had the place to ourselves and we had one of the most amazing meals ever! Then we got up to leave, throwing me off again. But when we got to the car (where I found tissues in the cubby hole, suspicious point 3) Garth told me we weren't leaving yet; he told me take off my shoes and not to look at what he was carrying. We walked down to the beach together and I could hear that he was carrying a picnic basket. We got to the beach, which was totally deserted, and Garth told me to go and look at the sea for a moment. When I turned around, he had set out the picnic blanket with a cheese board and crackers and fruit. We sat down and ate and chatted (I was instructed not to look in the basket...again, suspicious; I probably should have got it by now!). He asked if I wanted pudding, I said yes and, once again, had to go off and look at the sea. He came up behind me with a handful of Chuckles. Then {gasp}, the moment you always dream about. He was holding a single white rose, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I just cried, at which point Garth panicked a bit. "Please say yes!" he asked. I stammered out my yes and we were engaged! The ring was in the rose, a ring he'd had made just the way I would have wanted. We cracked open the champagne on the beach, then had communion together. It was a full, magnificent day; we are engaged, and I couldn't have asked for better!”

All photographs credited to Julie Patrick. View her blog here or find her on Facebook here.

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