Feel the Love

A very Happy Valentine's Day from the team over here at Ruby and the Swallow. Sure, Valentine's Day can suck if you're single - but not if you don't want it to! Valentine's Day is about love, and love comes in so many different forms - love for your family, love for your pet, love for your hobbies, love for food (yum!). So celebrate whatever it is that you may love today and have a great time doing it! And it's never too late to plan something special for anyone you love - whether its making them a batch of cupcakes or just a simple gift - it's never to small for someone to appreciate! 

With that in mind here's a happy pink board to inspire you! And we even made our text pink - but just for today, we promise! :)  
Happy Valentine's Day, 
Love from 
Ruby and the Swallow 

On another note, Crush is a local online food and wine magazine that we absolutely love. Their first issue for 2012 has just been released. Read it here. The plus side? Subscriptions to this mag are free! 

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