FREE printable: Valentine's Gift Tags

Everyone loves to have as little drama and simplicity in their lives as possible. Some achieve this by planning ahead, making lists (checking them twice) and doing everything in their power to ensure that with careful planning things run smoothly, on time and with very little fuss. And then you get other people. The people that maybe don't plan ahead as much as they should, and maybe, just maybe, leave things a little bit too much to the last minute. And this post is for those people. Because those people probably haven't given much thought to Valentine's Day and what the frek they are going to buy or make. And on top of it, it's the middle of the month, so not everyone has massive wads of cash to splurge on the madness that doth become of Valentine's day. 

So for those of you who may be freaking out a bit, Ruby has organised at least a part of your present. If you need more than just a part, check out our post here, for a great gift idea. If you do have an idea of what you're going to get, but just need a little somethin-somethin to make it look cool, then download our free printable gift tags here. They're modern, fun, easy (and I mean EASY) to make, and best of all, they can be used for friends and family as well as significant others. 
We've given you plenty of time before V-Day to do this, so don't let yourselves down. Download, print, snip, attach to gift. That's all you have to do. Don't we wish life could always be that simple? 
Enjoy everybody! And don't forget to tweet us your pictures - we'd love to see how you used the tags! 

Gift Tags originally designed and copyrighted to Ruby and the Swallow. No replication for sale is permitted.

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