GIVEAWAY: Le P'tit Maison Jewellery

Kim and I have found a new favourite past time. No doubt it involves the internet and no doubt it involves prettiness. It also involves the wonderful and artistic work of Nicola Mason, owner and creative behind Le P'tit Maison Jewellery. Le P'tit Maison is French for “The Little House” and her online jewellery site on Facebook is filled with beautiful vintage inspired jewellery.
Nicola hand-makes all the jewellery herself and has a policy of having as few repetitions of an item as possible. This means that when you buy something, you buy it knowing it is unique and that there are perhaps only two or three items that are like that. If a product is in very high demand, Nicola will consider extending the range and making a few more. She accepts custom orders from return buyers too, so there really is an ethos of customer service in her business. All her jewellery is inspired by how she (and every woman) wants to feel - pretty and feminine. She starts by designing something she would like for herself and then sells it - and so by appealing to herself, she also appeals to all other women with similar tastes. 
Le P'tit Maison began in May 2011 as a hobby. Nicola has always been making jewellery from a young age and one day she decided to try and sell some of the items she made. When flea markets weren't working for her, Nicola changed her approach and started the business on Facebook. 572 likes later, and she has never looked back. Nicola focuses on customer service, making sure that all her clients are firstly, 100 percent happy with their purchases and secondly, that the service they received was efficient and speedy! It's this approach to service that's made her business such a success. That, and the fact that all her jewellery is so beautiful.  
Nicola has a very unique and exciting approach to selling her jewellery on the Facebook page - and we think its rather ingenious! She puts up photographs of the various items into categorised albums for potential buyers to look at. She will list the price and how many of that item is available for sale. And this is where it gets interesting - items are sold when a customer comments on the photograph, saying "SOLD". So it's a first-come, first-serve system, where the quickest woman gets the pick of the jewellery she wants. And its competitive. I have yet to see one photograph on that page that does not have a sold comment underneath it! From there, the process is simple. You inbox Nicola your details, she sends you an invoice and you pay for your item. Once paid, Nicola packages it into a small handmade wooden box and has it posted to you. Postage costs R25 for small items and R40 for larger items (like alicebands). Within four days of posting your "sold" comment on the site, you will have your items with you - how divine!
We are SO very excited about his gorgeous necklace that Nicola is giving away on our blog!! She custom-made this open-winged swallow with a ruby pendant to the value of R160 for one of our lucky readers to walk away with! This necklace is one of a kind - we desperately wish we could keep it for ourselves! :) 

Here's how you Rubies can stand a chance to win: 

~ Comment on this post and tell us what you love about Nicola's jewellery. Check out her full range here. Don't forget to give us your name and surname when you comment so that we can get hold of you! 
~ For an added entry, like her page on Facebook. If you already do, then like ours! :) 
~ This competition will run for a week, and we'll pick the winner at random. 
~ The winner will be announced on the blog and on our Facebook page on Friday. We'll get in touch with you for your details and the lovely necklace will make its way to your post box. 
~ The competition is open to readers in South Africa only. 

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