Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  hit Johannesburg on the 8th to the 10th of March. Our designers did not disappoint with original and beautiful pieces hitting the runway and we've painstakingly picked our favourites from the week! First off, no one could ignore David Tlale's enigmatic collection. Especially because he started the show playing the trumpet! Elle Magazine reckon that this is his strongest collection so far, and we couldn't agree less. His collection was cohesive, with a lot of wearable items.There were a lot of maxi skirts and structred one-piece suits that hugged the models bodies. Hounds-tooth, checks and a brown and orange pattern dominated the collection, with contrasting colours in pants and stockings. 
We couldn't leave out the stunning monochromatic work done by Lauren Du Plessis and Bailey Allison, the duo behind fashion label Avant. These young designers are a force to be reckoned with. We loved their structured pieces with exaggerated and high waists, simple necklines and all round stunning simplicity. We love that a lot of their items are all ready to wear, with a touch of over-board glamour. Just stunning! 
Loincloth and Ashes dominated the Twitter world when Anisa Mpungwe showcased her collection at Fashion Week. We absolutely adore everything about it. We love the subtle use of traditional African prints, juxtaposed with flowing fabrics and rounded necklines. Perhaps are favourite part of her collection are her colour choices - the pops of sorbet intermixed with the creams of most of her fabrics were a breath of fresh air. We love the silhouettes of these clothes and its clear that Mpungwe's strength lies in draping - everything just fell to the ground so beautifully. With 5FM's Poppy and Anele opening and closing the show respectively (see first two photographs below), what more was there to love? 
Another name that dominated throughout Fashion Week was that of Gavin Rajah. And after seeing his work, we understood why. Rajah's collection was all about opulence, glamour, shine and details. If a woman wanted to wear something that would make her feel confident, sexy, poised and glamourous, it would be something created by Rajah. We love that every single piece that he showcased had some sort of gorgeous detail to it. Whether it was a gold belt nipped in at the waist, an intricately beaded dress, or a bare back with a jewelled necklace, Rajah's collection speaks to our sense of glamour and fun - and we adore it! Check the Gavin Rajah blog for a deeper look into this power brand.
Brides to be, pay attention. If you want any inspiring ideas for what to dress your grooms in, then look no further. We couldn't resist showcasing the work of C-Squared. For the single ladies, just admire the eye-candy ;) We love that this collection showcased a range of different styles for men. We had formal suits, semi-formal suits outfits and casual wear. C-Squared really have fun with their outfits - and that's what makes the difference! We love the bow ties paired with checked long sleeve tops, and who could resist a man in a well-fitted, well styled suit? We can't! Their casual look is all about fun, fun, fun with pops of neon in the shoes and socks, and even glittered tops! We really battled to cut down all the items we love to what we have shown you, so see more of this stellar range here
We wish we could show you every single designer that showcased at Fashion week! Here are our best looks from other designers. Click on their names to see more of their work. 

Leigh Schubert  - a playful combination of sherbet colours and loose silhouettes 
Kathrin Kidger - understated glamour in ready-to-wear bright pastels
Kluk CGDT - glamour and drama - we'd expect nothing less from this design duo
Abigail Keats - men's wear forms a strong influence in this collection with hats, ties and suits
Grapevine - ready-to-wear feminine clothing in a divine palette - we love the styling!
South Africa has tremendous potential to become another Fashion Capital of the world, along with the likes of Berlin, Milan and New York. The designers are ready, their work is ready, and now, with the partnership of Mercedes Benz, the publicity is finally here! An exciting feature to South Africa's Fashion week is the AFI Fastrack - a platform for up-and-coming designers to show their work and gain publicity. We are very proud of Durban's own Shelley Botha, who was one of the winners of this prestigious event and who won the judges (the likes of Marie Claire's editor Aspasia Karras, and designer David Tlale) over with her divine children's range (a category that has never been shown in a South African fashion week). We will be dedicating an entire post to this talented and impressive designer, so watch this space! 

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Loincloth & Ashes pictures found here // Leigh Schubert picture found here // Kathrin Kidger picture found here // Kluk CGDT picture found here // Abigail Keats picture found here // Grapevine picture found here

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