And Kauai Giveaway goes to...

It was only a four day week thanks to the lovely public holiday on Monday, and Filipa and I decided to make it more bearable for all our readers by hosting the fantastic Kauai Florida Road Giveaway! All Durban readers (sorry to all the others!) stood the chance of winning a R120 voucher for two from Kauai Florida Road in Morningside... and thanks to all those who entered!

From our last giveaway, you'll know that the Ruby Team likes keeping it old school with choosing the winners for our giveaways - it's just more fun and exciting that way, isn't it? So we wrote all the names down, cut them up and put them in a Kauai cup - shook the cup and picked the winner!

A big congrats to FAYE HICKS! You are the officially the winner of the Kauai Florida Road giveaway!! 

Faye, we have your email address so we'll be sure to send you your R120 Kauai Florida Road voucher right away! Come join us on Monday at Free Yoga in the Park so you can use your voucher afterwards :)

We'd love feedback from everyone who entered about your experience with the giveaway and any pointers you may have for us to make the process smoother. We always value your opinions.

Thanks to Kauai Florida Road for sponsoring this giveaway! And have an INCREDIBLE weekend Ruby friends!

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