Cape Town: live the holiday

As Seth from the Cape Town blog, 2OceansVibe has always said: "Work is a sideline. Live the holiday." And that's exactly what I (Kim) did this past weekend! I took Monday off and booked a flight to one of my favourite places in the whole world: Cape Town. It helps that it has one of my favourite people in the world there too! So I packed my bags and flew there for what can only be described as a weekend of rejuvenation and contentment with the amazing Cath.

As a born-and-bred Natal girl, I am terrible not good with the cold. That's putting it lightly. The Cape Town weather man usually deals me some pretty awful cards on my visits - he must do this to taunt me as he knows how allergic I am to cold weather! This time though, the usually schizophrenic weather patterns decided to play nice, and I didn't have to wear most of the dead-of-winter clothes I routinely bring. Kim: 1. Cape Town: 0. 

My trips to Cape Town usually involve a long sms conversation with Catherine, demanding she tells me exactly what I should pack in specific detail. Yup, I am the control freak in the friendship. {She appeals to my A-type personality so much that for this Cape Town trip, she even sent me an itinerary of what we would be doing daily - I taught her so well :)} As both her family and friends know, I'm not the best packer. I always bring three times more than I need (just in case - you never know, right?!). This time, Sandi, who kindly did airport lift duty on Friday night, commended me on how small my bag was! Kim: 2. Cape Town: 0.

Our mascot for our weekend trip to Hermanus was Cath's new addition to her family, little Spud, the most docile Jack Russel in the world. He made sure that us girls didn't just sleep, eat and chat all weekend - like we know we are prone too - but instead, he took us on long walks on the beach twice a day! Kim: 3. Cape Town: 0.
One of mine and Cath's favourite activities is eating - and more importantly, scouting out awesome, local food places. And little Hermanus did not disappoint. Our first taste experience was a sizzling Mojito at Bientang's Cave Seaworld Hermanus, followed by calamari and mussel platters. The next treasure we found was a road down from the house we were staying at - appropriately called The Daily Bread, I literally ate THE most delicious salmon, cream cheese and avo croissant I have ever eaten. The decor of the Burgundy restaurant enticed us for breakfast the morning we left Hermanus - so trendy and gorgeous inside, and once again, I chose the salmon :) Kim: 4. Cape Town: 0.

This trip is officially ranked in the top three of my visits to Cape Town! We had a much-needed digital hibernation for the weekend, and combining that with too much laughter, and long, meaningful chats, I couldn't have asked for anything better. 
Kim: More than can be counted! Cape Town: 0.

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