Have an eggcellent Easter!

This Easter, we were SO inspired by Sweet Paul Magazine and all their amazing Easter features, that we decided to base our post on it! So sit back, relax, and be inspired by all the Easter fun :)

Egg Art
Make some really cool decorative eggs this Easter! They’re all easy to make & give your table a fun statement. Download the magazine here to find out how these were made. And if you'd just like to browse, look below through the most adorable photo shoot of baby chicks with Easter eggs.... too cute!
An Easter Sunday Table
In the images below you will find so many gorgeous ideas for decorating a table. This look is vintage, quirky and whimsical - pretty much right up our alley! For a unique idea for a serving plate, these speckled chocolate Easter eggs are placed on top of an old book. And what a fun way to use loose flower heads - place them in egg cups as part of the decor, and place them all around the table. These mini bouquets are stunning and suit the theme down to a tee; cut the flowers short and tie them together with beautiful ribbons. Place them on a table, and when your guests leave they can take one home with them as a reminder of a fun Easter lunch. For the place settings, use old letters and envelopes – you never know what stories you can reveal from them. Use them as place cards with a quail egg and a piece of greenery. The table is set with a woad-dyed linen runner. Over the runner a bunch of old books were placed at different heights. The books are great as they make a natural place to put the vases, which look better if they are not matching. The vintage ribbons are far too pretty to be in a drawer somewhere. Place sweet peas in an old honey jar and use paper cut outs for the orange flowers. If you have vintage dinner plates to suit, that would be just perfect!
Easy DIY

This is one of the easiest (and sweetest) DIY's we've seen in a while. It is wonderfully charming and a supremely simple Easter craft project. Cut out the shapes/patterns like those shown below to make crowns/hats for your eggs. Put them in egg holders, and with a black fine liner, draw cute faces onto them. Voila! 

Happy Easter Ruby friends!! We hope you have an AMAZING four day weekend - we know that  we're excited for the break :) See you on Tuesday - and remember, you can stuff your face with chocolate, because its Easter weekend!

All images and ideas courtesy of Sweet Paul Magazine. Find them on Facebook here.

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