Inglot + Woolworths = 1 x Perfect Combination!

Kim and I received a very tempting and awesome email from Woolworths inviting us to the Inglot Cosmetics launch at Gateway Theatre of Shopping last night. Inglot has been in South Africa since November 2010, but this is the first time the brand is partnering with Woolworths - and we love it! Buying great cosmetics and getting W Rewards for it? Yes please! 
Inglot was launched 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working in the research and development department of a pharmaceutical company. Inglot saw a gap in the market for a make up brand that was both affordable and that used only the finest raw materials. From there, Inglot cosmetics was born. We love the modern approach this brand takes to make up and the fact that its products are not tested on animals is a huge plus. 
What makes Inglot so unique is their approach to tailor-making their brand to work for you. This is translated into what they refer to as their 'Freedom System' - a unique and personalised way for you to make decisions about what colours you want to purchase. You can create your own colour palettes in eye, lip, foundation and blush colours. The palettes range from a 2 eye-shadow square to a 10 eye shadow square (or round).They can also customise a palette for you with combinations of up to 40 colours - but this is something that professional make up artists are more likely to go for. 
So, essentially, by picking five colours, you can have a perfect day to night palette that suits your skin tone and that consists of exactly the kinds of colours you would choose - no waste and a perfect match!  Another favourite is the four powder blush palette - perfect for any mood and any time of the day! 
We also love the rainbow eye shadows - which consist of a single palette with three shades of a colour on them - mix and match those, and you have a library of great colours at your fingertips!
Kim and I couldn't resist leaving the launch without clutching something from the Inglot brand in our little paws. We settled on going with a nail polish (I know I swore I'd never stray from Essie, but I couldn't resist). The range that Inglot offers is astounding, including a unique style of varnish called O2M Breathable. This range literally allows your nails to breathe when you have the polish on (unlike other varnishes), thereby keeping the nail healthier and preventing discolouration. 
I settled on Number 961 (how chic are they - their nail polishes are numbered, not named!), a great metallic grey that's perfect for welcoming Winter in. Kim, after painting her entire hand in order to choose a colour, settled on Number 951, a vibrant pink. 
With our purchase we received a great gift bag from Inglot with a two colour eye-shadow in it. I got a deep purple and gold palette (perfect for my dark brown eyes) and Kim got a brown and beige palette (neutrals are always perfect for any eyes).
Colette, the Inglot branch manager was a great help to us at the launch - she was so knowledgeable about all the products and offered us such sound advice about which products would suit us as individuals in the best way. And being that this launch was in Woolworths, it came as no surprise that the catering was absolutely delish. We couldn't get enough of the little chicken sarmies and the cheese board. Let's not even talk about the mini chocolate chip muffins! 
For more information about the Inglot range, you can contact Woolworths Gateway  on 031 566 9300 or alternatively, visit the Inglot kiosk outside of Truworths in Gateway. 

*Please note that Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective was not commissioned by Inglot or Woolworths to write this post. All of this information is our own opinion, and cannot be linked to the brand in any way.

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