KAUAI Florida Road: Yoga in the Park & FREE GIVEAWAY!

In January, Kauai Florida Road presented FREE Summer Yoga classes, being held every Monday in Jameson Park and Rose Garden (Morningside) to get us all in shape after a fun-filled festive season. And boy, have these been well supported! Every Monday since then, from 5:30 to 6:30pm, about thirty to forty people come together to the beautiful lawns, and instructor Kayleigh Schwab takes us through a reviving yoga routine.

The Ruby Team joined the complimentary yoga classes a few weeks after they began, and they are still just as popular as when they started! Kayleigh is a fantastic, patient instructor, reminding us all to "breathe" every few minutes while we power through our downward dog and plank poses.

So if you're into the yoga vibe - or even if you aren't just yet - come and join us for free yoga sponsored by Kauai Florida Road. As winter is on it's way, the classes will run only until the last Monday of April. All you have to do is a bring a yoga mat or towel, and we promise it will be a well-deserved hour dedicated to yourself and a healthy body and mind!
After each class, the Kauai staff present each yoga attendee with a smoothie "taster" to quench our thirst - yum! Then they give everyone a flower to put in their hair for when they go -down to the Kauai Florida Road store - this gets them all a promotional discount on their purchase! Many people who attend the yoga classes go down to the store afterwards for dinner - the Ruby Team have now made it our tradition to have our weekly meetings there, nothing better after a relaxing yoga class!! And the FREE wi-fi that the store offers allows us to blog while we eat there, how ideal? :)

So be happy, be healthy and join this amazing initiative. Namaste.
Here's how you Rubies can stand a chance to win a Kauai meal voucher worth R120 for you and a friend: 
~ Tell us your fave Kauai smoothie by COMMENTING ON THIS POST, and leave your email address so we can contact you.
~ Then LIKE Kauai Florida Road on Facebook here and follow them on twitter here.
~ For an extra entry, LIKE Ruby & the Swallow on Facebook and follow us on twitter here.
~ This competition will run for a week. We'll pick the winner at random, and announce it on the blog on Friday.

Terms & Conditions:
This is a free giveaway affiliated with the Kauai Florida Road branch only, and therefore is only open to Durban residents. You cannot win from any other branch of Kauai in South Africa, and your prize can only be collected from the Kauai Florida Road store. 

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