Real Wedding: Shan + Nic

Almost two years ago, I (Filipa) was lucky enough to attend the beautiful wedding of Shan and Nic Hanafey. I'd known this couple for a few years through my bestest friend in the whole world, Sam (Shan and Sam are sisters) and from the get go, they made me feel loved and part of the family. Shan and Nic are such a great couple to look up to - they're energetic, lovable and humorous with one another (well Nic tries to be and Shan just nods and smiles). Most of all, they just get each other - and that is what is so great to witness. Their wedding happened on a perfect day, and was a mix of tradition and glamour. Collisheen was a picturesque venue, and so different from the usual game farm or beach venues we get here in Durbs. The sugar cane was a stunning backdrop and the chapel and venue weren't even 10 metres apart - so no driving around from place to place. So sit back and admire the celebration of this beautiful couple. Oh! And before I forget: the best news of all? Little Baby Hanafey is on the way!! :) 


The Bride and Groom: Nicholas John Hanafey and Shan Pamela Hanafey (Scott)
Wedding Date: 1st May 2010
Venue: Collisheen Estate
Colour and/or Theme: Aqua-Blue


So what's your love story? 
Nic was very good friends with the ex-boyfriend of one of my best friends. He moved into a room in the house where my best friend and her boyfriend at the time were living. I used to visit the house often as my best friend and I were at varsity together and went out all the time. Nic was a gym bunny at the time, very popular and used to party a lot. Everytime I went over, Nic was either doing pull ups on the door frame or frying something (shirtless) in the kitchen. It was definitely a sight I didn’t mind getting used to. One night, we all went out to Home in Innes road and Nic and I hit it off. We chatted all night, laughed and had a really good time. From there we started spending a lot of time together. He came to braai's at my home with my family and spent many Saturday mornings coming with me to watch my brother play rugby at College Rovers. At first he was very quiet (my family is very loud) but slowly he became one of us. At my 21st birthday (6 months into our relationship) he sang me the most beautiful song - yes he's a singer and plays guitar! My mom told my family that night that she knew I had met the man I was going to marry. He and I were perfect together and five years later we got married.
How did he propose? 
By now both my parents had passed away. They left me, my sister and brother, a small plett home in Happy Wanderers in Kelso. While my parents were alive, my father and mother had cleared a section of the garden around our plett and turned it into a fairy garden. There were fairy castles and fairy lights galore. People from the camp site would come every night just to sit in and visit the fairy garden. Nic used this area to propose to me. He told me that he wanted it to be there so as to include my parents in the proposal. There were hundreds of balloons and more fairy lights. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. For me, he couldn’t have made it any more perfect.
What was the best lesson you learnt through your planning?
What will be, will be. Planning is so important when trying to make the evening special BUT when it comes to the night just relax and enjoy it. It only happens once. Things might go wrong but I had the best night of my life. I wouldn't change a thing! 

Any tips for brides to be? 
Its your day. Invite who you want to invite. Do the things that make you happy.

How did you decide on the colour or theme of your wedding? 
It was my mother's colour theme. 
How involved was your husband and family in the wedding planning? 
Nic was basically involved with all the major decisions like where, when etc. The little things he left to me. Nic's mom and dad were amazing in helping out. Nic's mom and I planned almost everything together. Nics dad helped with all the printing and making of the menus and programs etc. 

What would you change about your wedding day if you could? 
Where there any elements of your wedding that you did yourself? 
We had a tree that held all the table numbers and names. We physically put branches together and painted the tree. We also decorated everything ourselves on the tree and made the strings of names for each table. We also glued the table numbers to the frames and stuck all the décor on the programs, menus etc.
Did anything unexpected or extra special happen on your wedding day that surprised you and your husband? (Or just you!) 
Besides getting stung by a bee, my wedding cake didn't arrive! No one told me that it hadn't arrived and my maid of honour realised at 5pm when we got back from the photos that it wasn't there. So, all unknown to me, they put together the most amazing wedding cake for me while the wedding was going on. They organised the chef to make a small cake while at the same time one friend drove to Mugg and Bean to get a large cake and another friend organised 12 cupcakes from her mother. She was making cupcakes in my same colour for another wedding as well. So I ended up with a 3-tier wedding cake that was amazing! 
What was your wedding song? 
Amazing by Lonestar. Listen to it here

What was the flavour of your cake? 
Well it was supposed to be a traditional white cake, but it ended up being chocolate and then the cupcakes were vanilla with blue icing! 

Did you go on Honeymoon? And if so, where did you go? 
Yes, we went to Mauritius. It was amazing! 

Venue: Collisheen
Coordinator: Shalain 032 9470198 / 083 4605754
Photographer:Stuart Dods 0315724428
Decor: Myself and Classy Candle Hire 031 573 1505
Stationery: Vanessa’s Studio 031 266 6046
Dress (including bridesmaids dresses): Bride to be Brides - Isie Blackbeard 031 332 6321
Hair: Make up your mind - Angela  031 312 2019
Flowers: Bunches for You 082 326 6288
Catering: Collisheen
Cake: Home made and Mugg and Bean ;) 

All photography: Copyrighted to Stuart Dods

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