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Kim and I had the pleasure of becoming online acquaintances with Liesel and Gitta of Glee Projects, a local design and event studio based in Glenwood, Durban. These two sisters are a creative powerhouse, weaving their ideas and inspirations into tangible products - stationery, event décor and event consultation. In 2011, Liesel and Gitta planned Gitta's wedding (see it here) and they realised that they loved every minute of it  - from designing the invitations to having a personal touch to each décor element in the event. The sisters had always been interested in working together and with Gitta's studies in Fashion Design and Liesel's background as a graphic designer, this duo was destined to be creative and unique from the start. Their work together on Gitta's wedding proved that they could make it work. From there, Glee Projects sprung up and they have been going strong ever since. 

Glee are a stationery and event design business for all types of events - weddings, kids birthday parties, 21st birthday parties and bridal showers. They offer their clients an all round personalised service - right from conceptualising a theme for your event, to setting it up and executing it with a strong attention to detail and personal touch. As the Glee ladies put it: 
"We create ideas and items that make your happenings beautiful - unique concepts, stationery, décor and all the pretty things that fill your celebration with moments of glee" 
Their love for beautifully crafted, personal and clever design makes their aesthetic a combination of modern simplicity and handmade personality. They follow trends, but add their own quirky elements and personal touch to all of their projects.

The Glee process is simple: first a face-to-face meeting with their client. This helps them to figure out exactly who their client is, what they have in mind for their big day and what sorts of things they like. They then create an idea board based on that meeting and what the client envisions.Then with the idea board and some samples of stationery, they meet again and move forward from there. 

All of Glee's wedding projects are completely custom because, as they so rightly put it, each couple is unique and wants something different. The rest of their services can either be completely unique, or they offer some ready-made packages. These are basically a collection of various décor items that could be used to dress up your celebration. These are emailed to the client, and they can print and make them up as they see fit. This is great for the more "hands-on" client, who would like some involvement in the celebration planning. 
Glee Projects is a wonderful company that simply aim to make people happy. They like to give their clients a real experience that is both personal and filled with attention to detail, so that you are left with beautiful and bespoke items that both speak to your personality and your celebration. So if you're ever in a jam with an event that you just can't seem to bring together, then call Liesel and Gitta of Glee Projects to add that extra bit of sparkle!
You can get hold of Glee Projects in numerous ways. You can call Liesel on 082 460 1614 or email them at info@gleeprojects.com. They also have a great blog - visit them here. You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook.  

We are *very* excited about a great giveaway that we will be hosting together with Glee Projects in the near future. So watch this space and prepare to be thoroughly stoked with what these lovely ladies have created just for our readers! 

* All pictures sourced from here, and are copyrighted to Glee Projects

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