Wedding Trend: Farmstyle Vintage

Filipa and I are currently designing some gorgeous stationery for a lovely bride-to-be and her groom, in this theme: farmstyle vintage. And we don't think they could have found two designers who love this style more! As soon as they told us the theme, we were almost exploding with all the ideas we had to share with them - its just such a divine theme, and even though we have just met them, it honestly epitomises this city-girl and her farm-boy perfectly :) (This bride to be also happens to be awesome fellow blogger Roxy, from CityGirl Searching!).

The “something old”, in the familiar wedding tradition sense, is usually something like a family heirloom worn by the bride on her big day. Lately though, the “something old” in the wedding world has taken on a whole new meaning! It has become trendy to leave the modern and contemporary wedding themes behind, and take on the charm of the vintage wedding style instead. And, we just love it. Combine the vintage allure of pre-loved pieces and statements with a wedding taking place on a farm, and you can’t go wrong. 

Think apricot and peach. Coral. Pink and cream. Natural hessian and Kraft brown. Hay bale pews. Lace. Mismatched vintage chairs and antique china. Vintage touches hiding in every corner. Beautiful antique fabrics. Bunting. Old books. A farmstyle vintage wedding is infused with meaning, is unique, detail oriented and personal. Handmade elements and rustic details. Oh so beautiful. A handmade vintage wedding can be one of the most special ways to wed in style. The image boards below speak for themselves – enjoy!

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