The Haiku Contest

One of our favourite local Durban restaurants is Mooki Noodles in Glenwood, opposite the Corner Cafe. Their menu is extensive, the food is delicious and nothing, and we mean nothing, will ever come close to the divine chocolate and cardamom mousse they make. So, when we heard that they were launching an awesome competition, in partnership with several local Durban businesses, we thought we had to share the love. So read on to see how you can win some AWESOME prizes!
Enter The Haiku Contest. The competition is simple. The prize is awesome. Simply write an original Haiku poem that you invented yourself on The Haiku Contest's Facebook wall, and the Haiku with the most 'likes' wins! And what do you win? R7000 worth of goodies - that's what! Here's exactly what you can win: 
- A Barista course from Columbo Coffee worth R4000 (Check out their awesome blog here) 
- R1000 voucher from Surf and Skate store, PEG
- R500 meal voucher from Mooki Noodle Bar (yes please!) 
- R500 Tattoo voucher from I Art Ink  (check out their blog here)
- A once-off illustrated interpretation of your Haiku from Tokyo-Go-Go Illustration Studio 
How FAB are those prizes? So get creative, start writing and start liking. For those of you who need a brush up course on what exactly a Haiku poem is, here's the lowdown: 
"A Haiku is a Japenese poem made up of 3 lines. The first line has five syllables, the second has seven syllables and the last line has 5 syllables. Haiku's don't have to ryhme or even make sense! And remember, the funnier the better!" 
And just  to make sure we all aren't confused, here is an example of one, provided by the Haiku Contest on their Haiku contest facebook page

How many lightbulbs 
Does it take to screw a shrink? 
Oh, got it backwards. 

The Haiku Contest will hold an event on the 15th of June 2012 to announce the winners at the Columbo Warehouse. There will be plenty of live music, live comedy and good food, so be sure not to miss it! So in the spirit of the competition, the Ruby team has come up with its own Haiku to enter into the competition. And here it is: 
Ok, so maybe not our best piece of work to date, but hey, we tried! Get those thinking caps on and enter! 

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