Illustrating Fun: Lucy Eldridge

We stumbled upon this UK-based illustrator on Pinterest and we just had to share her marvellous work with you all! It's quirky, it's pretty, it's interesting and it's just plain lovely. Lucy Eldridge is a talented illustrator that works primarily in watercolour and pencil and we think her pieces are just great. She lists clouds, wallpaper, jam jars, shadows, the moon and weasels as things that inspire her, and it's that whimsy that comes across in her work. It was really tough trying to pick a top selection of work to show you from her website, so do go check it out. And with categories like Sketchbook Scribblingtons, Bearded Men Eating Fancy Desserts in the Great Outdoors and The Biscuit Barter, do you blame us? 
Lucy's work is available to purchase on her Etsy site. We absolutely adore all these greeting cards. In fact, we'd buy them and frame them as mini works of art! 
And how could we leave out the perfect tea-time treat chart out? 
Lucy is all over the Internet, here's how to find her
: Tumblr (with daily sketch updates) 
: Etsy Shop (to buy her lovely illustrations and gift cards) 
: Twitter 
: Tumblr (her personal collection of inspiration)
: Her Blog 
: Instagram 

Picture Credits: 
Top Banner
Animal Pictures (except for the cat at the table)
Greeting Cards 
Biscuit Chart 

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