May Obsessions

It seems like every month, us girls at Ruby have a few things that we obsess with - and it often involves in depth (and often pointless) conversations about these obsessions and how we can get our grubby little paws on them. Some of these obsessions involve things, others people and sometimes just colour combinations. Yes, we're that obsessive! SO, in order to spread the crazy, we thought we'd share our May obsessions with our readers. What are yours? 
Ah, the every elusive brown boot. Come Winter time and this obsession creeps up to haunt us. Yes, there are plenty of brown boots around, but none of them seem to be just right. Our criteria? They need to be mid-calf, tan, slightly slouchy and with a thickish heel. We're loving these boots from Nine West and for some ankle huggers, these from Woolworths are a must, even through they're in black. Not into heeled boots? Then these flat riding boots from Zoom are just for you!  The search continues. Should we find the perfect, expect a detailed post on them! 
Nothing says sexy and classy at the same time (well to us) than a set of beautifully painted nails. And right now, we're all about the dark shades for winter. Think deep grays, rich reds and beautiful chocolate browns. Some of our favourites? The Little Brown Dress shade from Essie pictured left, and Luxedo, a deep plum pictured right. Shade 974 from Inglot cosmetics is a beautiful chocolate brown too divine to miss and we love the deep emerald of Shade 966. So many colours, so little time!  
Geometric jewellery seems to be all the rage right now, and we love this simple and refined approach to jewellery design. Triangles and squares seem to be the dominant shapes, so forget about curvy circles - its all about angles and a copper gold look and feel. We're loving all the jewellery Nallik has on offer. If only their shop shipped to South Africa! 
Sigh. Men in suits just never get old. And nowadays, most office spaces hardly ever afford us the chance to see men in suits. So we get out fix from weddings, and Pinterest. We love layered looks that at the same time laid back and yet oh so gorgeous to look at. And any man that can rock a cream suit is a friend of ours! 
Birdy is the latest singing sensation to hit YouTube. At only 15, she's gained a lot of critical acclaim and her voice is both pretty and haunting. She's already released her own album of mostly covers of other artists songs. But don't get it wrong - she doesn't just simply cover the song, she recomposes it and it becomes a new song all together. Our favourites are her covers of Bon Iver's Skinny Love, and Young Blood by the Naked and Famous. Find her on Facebook here

We are loving this combination of light blush pink with burnished gold. And that's all we have to say about that. The pictures are evidence enough! 
It's winter and soup becomes the staple diet of most weight-conscious women. We're not diet freaks though - we just love soup. What other dish can cram so many good flavours and ingredients into one bowl, with such an awesome effect? We're loving the look of this cream of Broccoli soup and this Asian inspired Chicken Noodle soup. Yum. 
Nothing beats a great chunk of a watch on your wrist. Especially when its Guess or Burberry. Look for metal or white straps, with white faces and diamonds! 
Again, we're not going to say much more than that we love chocolate coloured hair - the pictures speak for themselves! Winter is perfect time to make the switch to this warmer colour, so if you're in the mood for a change, this is the way to go. 
Zoey Deschanel is our new favourite girl. This month she graced the covers of Marie Claire South Africa and we love her quiet, quirky charm. If you're looking for a series that is hilarious, honest and entertaining, then you have to watch New Girl, starring Zoey. It plays on MNet Series Channel on Saturdays at 19h00. Also look out for her in 500 Days of Summer and Yes Man. She is also the lead singer of Indie band, She and Him

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