On trend: bright coloured denim

So even though both of us here at the Ruby Team are firm lovers of summer in all its glory, it’s getting to that time of the year where even Durban has started getting colder. By 5:30pm every day, the night sky is pitch black, so we can safely say that Winter is arriving! We’re spoilt here in Durbs though, as the sandals and dresses have definitely not been packed away just yet.

It is, however, time to start planning for those cold winter days. It’s so hard to still rock the trendy outfits when your toes and nose are ice cold, and the only thing you can think about every minute is getting into bed with a big mug of hot chocolate! Winter trends also tend to bring about all the dark (and sometimes dreary) colours – and when the grey skies are already putting you in a sombre mood, this is the last thing you need. So we’ve found a trend that is sure to brighten up your winter days – and it’s too hot to ignore: bright coloured denim jeans!
These pants seem intimidating at first. We’re definitely the first to admit that even we’re still nervous about this trend. Wearing bright coloured denim will definitely make you stand out – and maybe not always in the best way! There is a fine line between looking like a twelve-year-old tween in head-to-toe brights, and a flashback of a back-up dancer in a 90s music video. Everyone in Hollywood is keeping up with this trend; look at how these celebs wear it so well:
To rock this look, the jeans are all you need to stand out. Wear a simple shirt, jacket, shoes and accessories. Bright denim can be dressed up or down – that's the fun part! Keep it casual by pairing them with a cool graphic tee, or for a classy look, add simple silver or gold accessories and a nude, girly shirt. Most important rule for bright jeans: keep it simple. Make your legs the only focal point, teaming them with the rest of your outfit in neutrals or soft metallics. As is the case with normal jeans, bright jeans have to fit well. These jeans are going to draw LOTS of attention to your lower regions, so make sure they are as flattering as possible!

So there’s no need to get the blues this winter! This season you’re going to get the yellows, greens, reds and purples – this season’s hottest colours are teal, red and cobalt. Basic blue jeans just won’t cut it anymore. 
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