On Trend: Jewel Tones

Weddings are all about soft pastels, muted palettes and pretty florals, right? Wrong. We've noticed that more and  more brides are embracing deep and rich jewel tones as colours for their weddings. And we love it.

We've always been a fan of co-ordinating bridesmaids dresses, but you can really show off these colours by making each maids dress a different shade of jewel tone. The possibilities with your flowers are endless with this trend - add a deep purple hue with some red roses, and the lush greenery balances everything out. Adding little details to your stationery, like coloured envelopes or stickers bring the trend in more subtly. Use Moroccan, Egyptian and Arabic art and fashion as your inspiration for this trend - you can't go wrong drawing from these influences as a base. 
What's great about this trend is that you can still pick any colours you like and use them in their dark, jewel hues. Red becomes a deep maroon, lilac a royal purple, green a deep emerald and blue, a rich navy. This makes this trend so versatile and easy to translate into your big day. So go ahead, dare to be different and embrace this trend - we just love its rich warmth and vibrancy  - something we all need a little of in winter! 

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