FREE Printable: Wedding Venue Checklist

Last week when we posted on things you should know about wedding venues, we promised a free printable wedding venue checklist. Well it's here! This A5 checklist is perfect for carrying around when you are at a venue and want to make sure you have enquired about all the important bits and pieces. This checklist covers the basics of things you need to know about your venue - like whether it has a chapel or not, what is included in your reception price and if there is adequate accommodation for your guests there or in the surrounding areas. The overall rating in the top right corner is a handy tool that will let you know right away which venues stood out and which flopped. So if you're on the hunt for the perfect venue, simply download this checklist here and take it along with you when you start searching! 

Checklist is copyrighted to Ruby and the Swallow and is for personal use only. Replication for commercial gain is prohibited. 

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