Wedding Invitations: Donna + Danie

It has taken us a while, but finally we can show you a wedding invitation package that we designed at the beginning of this year! Remember this post, about forest-themed weddings? Well that inspiration board was an introduction to the wedding stationery we designed for Donna and Danie, whose wedding was in May.
The bride and groom-to-be wanted us to design forest-themed invitations for them, and because Donna is absolutely obsessed with owls, she asked us to include them in the designs. And this is what we came up with! We chose a colour palette of chocolate brown, moss green, stone and leafy green, and we illustrated the leafy branches and two little woodland owls so that the forest theme really came to life in the stationery. We chose very modern wording, but a traditional serif font, and the two came together beautifully in this A5 sized invitation.
This couple's wedding was held at Cranford Country Lodge in the midlands, so the foresty, woodlands theme was just perfect. This venue also required lots of other information to be on the invitation that the guests would need. We didn't want to spoil the invitation design, and so we added a double-sided card that was half the width of the invite, and this had all the accommodation and direction information on it. 

In order to tie this "invitation package" together, we used stone and green colour tweed, for a rustic, earthy feel. The end product turned out beautifully, and the couple were absolutely thrilled with the invitations and so proud to send them to their guests. 
Thank you to Donna and Danie for asking us to design your wedding invitations and congratulations on your marriage - we were not only so honoured to have helped you out, but we also just enjoyed doing them! Hopefully we can show our readers your wedding one of these days - we cannot wait to see the pictures. 
All photographs taken by Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective.

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