Engagement Story: "Most Romantic Proposal of the Midlands"

Meet David, and his lovely fiance Mandy. They won the title of "The Most Romantic Proposal of the Midlands" by the Meander Chronicle this year. And when you read their story below, you'll understand why! We were so in awe of how beautifully unique and special this proposal was - David, you did SO well!

So here is the proposal, in Mandy's own words... And then below is the series of pics that her family took in action, as the proposal happened.

"A surprise elephant ride for David’s 30th turned out to be an extra special surprise proposal for me. I understand now what they mean when someone is said to “have a memory like an elephant”, referring to them never forgetting a face, name or occasion. 

During our experience and close interaction with the elephants at Elephant Whispers in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, we were introduced to one of their most intelligent elephants, Medwa, who was tasked with remembering all of us by name. Later in the interaction, the groom would call out our names one by one and ask Medwa to give a cap to the relevant person. My name was called last and instead of Medwa handing me a cap, he handed me a basket. Looking into the basket I saw a small black box. 

Even up until then I had no idea that this was for me – and thought it may have been a birthday gift for David from Elephant Whisperers. Was I to hand David the box? With all eyes on me, I reached in and picked up the box, turned to my right and there was David on one knee asking me to marry him... without hesitation I said YES. Totally unexpected. What a memorable experience."

The lovely couple's proposal story was featured in the Meander Chronicle, alongside the celeb wedding of Mark Smith and Dhiveja Sundrum. The first paragraph read, "While Dhiveja and Mark might win the glam Midlands wedding of the month award, Amanda and David's engagement wins the "most romantic proposal award" of the Midlands."

To celebrate their engagement, they had these lovely engagement shoot photographs taken... can't you just see they are a couple so very much in love? Mandy and David, we wish you so well for all the wedding planning ahead, and may your wedding one day be awarded "wedding of the month"! From your proposal story, we have no doubt you will pull out all the stops! Congratulations from the Ruby Team!
Meander Chronicle article written by Philippa Gordon and Caroline Richter.
Proposal photographs at Hazyview, Mpumalanga by Michelle Crabtree.
Engagement shoot photographs by Ashleigh Wegener Crabtree, of Wegener Crabtree Original.

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