On Trend: Painted Ceilings

We don't often whip out decor posts, but sometimes a trend is just so superb, so classy and so beautiful that we just can't help ourselves. Painted ceilings have been making their rounds on Pinterest and we just love it. What a novel way of sprucing up your space! And a fairly cheap one at that too, since essentially, you're just painting one section of a roof. 
This trend is used in many different ways - the basic being a solid colour painted onto the roof. Choose a colour that is bold and that compliments your space. Opt for warm hues for living spaces like the lounge and bedroom, and cooler tones for the bathrooms and kitchens. Pick an item of furniture that you love and use that as a basis of inspiration for your choice of colour. Bring the trend down to the rest of your room by painting the ceiling and the first quarter of your walls - this will create a great atmosphere. A really dark colour adds drama to a large space - don't be afraid of a little black or dark brown! 
Another popular way of bringing this trend into your home is by using pattern - stripes are always a sure bet and demask is a classic and refined pattern, bringing elegance into any space. We also love the circus tent stripes that we've been seeing a lot of  - these are fun and playful - great for a family room or children's bedroom. 

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