Ruby's Favourite Tweeters: Follow Friday

So if you haven't heard of Twitter by now, you must certainly be living in cave under a rock, because it is most definitely in heavy competition with Pinterest for "hottest social network". If you have already joined the Twitter-verse, then this post is for you. Today is Follow Friday (#ff) for all those on Twitter, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to share our fave tweeters with you! 

If you are not on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for?! To see what its all about, go have a look at the Ruby & the Swallow Twitter page for more insight. If you are a Twitter member, but aren't following us yet - follow us now here! :) But now for our favourite tweeters this month, carry on reading...
As graphic designers working in the advertising industry, we LOVE this tweeter, @Dear_AE. An AE is the abbreviation for an Account Executive, that is, someone who gives briefs from clients to designers, and then sells that work back to the client. The AE - designer relationship is well-known for being, err hmm, challenging. They just don't understand us "suffering creatives" who put our heart and soul into work! These tweets hit home with us every time.
Follow @Dear_AE here.
 As a fellow blogger herself, Liz Dom, is absolutely hilarious and writes many a tongue-in-cheek, out-of-the-blue tweet that you were just never expecting! Her wittiness can always be cut down to140 Twitter characters, and we just love it. In her own words on her blog, "i use lower case because upper case irritates my eyes. sometimes i'll sway - it's a very casual relationship. i care about spelling, grammar & language but it isn't at all that serious so i make up a language of my very own. words are thought up. i think up words." 
Go read her blog here.
Follow @wordsoflizdom here.
We love them because (@) they won the SA Blog Award for Best Music Blog in 2011, and (b) they are from DURBAN, duh! They are always letting us know what's going on in the city we love. Visit their website here.
Follow @DurbanIsYours here.

ZamaNdlovu is a woman with a voice. And a goddess of Jozi. A columnist at News24. This girl has it goin' on! She has a very political voice, and is not scared to speak her mind. She is an intelligent tweeter, always speaking about current issues and we love what she gives us as food-for-thought. 

Follow @JoziGoddess here.
For fitness, healthy living and positive thoughts tweets, Lisa Raleigh is the one to follow. A Durban girl herself, Lisa is so many things rolled into one, and has achieved so much for her young age! A fitness expert, she lovingly replies to all her tweets. We think you can never get too much positive energy in your life!
Follow @LisaRaleighSA here.
Recently having invested in Rubybox herself, Fililpa (@Fil_RubySwallow) swears by them! Giving you access to so many different brands, and receiving your own beauty package each month is such a treat. Keep updated on everything there is to know, and for many beauty brand tips, visit their website here.
Follow @Rubybox_Beauty here.
Miss Moss is a blog created by Diana Moss, and is a means of sharing her love for visual treasures, in photography, fashion, art and design. We love her because she's also a graphic designer and her content is always inspiring and captivating. We hope that one day our blog can be half as great as hers is! Be inspired by her blog here.
Follow @miss_moss here.
Last but not least, you know that we love to laugh so much 'til our eyes water. And this gets us laughing like no other! They capture all those things that us "First World" people experience every day, in a very humorous and diva-like manner. Just go and read their Twitter feed to get yourself through a long afternoon at work - hilarious.
Follow @firstworldpains here.

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