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We love helping out brides. In the past year, while we've been designing stationery for friends and for brides-to-be, we also get lots of questions about all the other wedding stuff. In March, we wrote a post about how brides can make the internet their friend... we know that lots of you sit at work with internet access all day, and sometimes its much easier to find help online than it is to do the research in person. Go have a look at that post if you need help sourcing useful wedding websites. We always try our best to help brides out as much as we can, but sometimes we like to leave it up to the professionals! And for that, we wanted to add a website to our collection: Love Celebration is full of useful information for brides and grooms getting married. Best of all is that you can purchase your own Love Celebration Wedding Planner file, so that you can have all that help hands-on! And what girl doesn't just love a thick file full of lovely wedding stuff?
Inside this file, you'll find almost every wedding detail you can think of, and it is packed with ideas and tips about how to make your Big Day run without a hitch! If you're part of the A-type personality crew (both of us no doubt are!!), this file will become your best friend - who needs bridesmaids when you have this to help you plan? {Just kidding, nothing will ever replace your bridesmaids!}. The Love Celebration team have done so well, and at only R299, it is not completely out of a girl's budget! Alternatively, bridesmaids and mothers-of-the-brides - wouldn't this be just the perfect gift for a newly-engaged friend, sister or daughter? We couldn't think of a better present!
What the Love Celebration team also have is a free downloads section on their site, which is amazing! They have downloadable documents for your Checklist, Budget, List of Suppliers, Contract, Guest List, Table Seating, Bridal Entourage Contact List, Table Seating and Scrapbook Templates.

Our two favourites from that list are the Checklist and Budget downloadables. The checklist gives you detailed things that you should do as soon as you get engaged, and then lists of things you should do months, weeks, days and the day before your wedding. They are extremely useful, and generally things you wouldn't have thought about yourself! The Budget downloadable is an Excel document that is perfect as it has split the wedding up into different sections (such as rings, reception, stationery, venue) and listed everything under those that you may need to budget for should you choose them. For each item, it has an "estimated" column and an "actual" column - so in your planning stages, you can estimate the amounts that everything might be (and how much you are willing to budget on them), and as you purchase things, you can enter those amounts into the "actual" column. Hopefully, your estimated and actual amounts for each item should look quite similar eventually - as this is what you have budgeted for! And as any good Excel document has, this one has formula's for the "total" so each time you enter in a price, it will work the total out for you - voila! {This is our favourite part, as we didn't listen during the Excel lessons at school - and us graphic designers don't work on this program every day like some of you probably do!}

So girls - go and visit this site right away, as it is a wealth of knowledge and useful tips!! Look at how awesome these files look below, and now you can get yours in white. And once you've placed your order and it has arrived, you can print all your free downloadables and put them in your file. Enjoy! 
Images sourced from the Love Celebration website.

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