We *heart* Love Coffee

On Saturday, Kimmi and I decided we were in need of a long and fruitful Ruby meeting - strategies needed to be discussed, plans needed to be made and general all-round girly gossip needed to be had. We knew we needed two things out of our venue: good coffee and chilled vibes. And we found that and more at newly established Love Coffee on 484 Windemere Road. 

Brother to the well established Corner Cafe, Love Coffee is a small eco-conscious run shop that offers freshly prepared on-the-go meals, muffins, baked goods and cookies. Naturally coffee is their speciality and they offer a range of coffee styles to suit anyone. This place was made for the morning rush, opening its doors at 6am, Monday to Friday, to weary eyed commuters looking for a blast of caffeine. They close at 5pm and are open on Saturdays from 7am to 12pm. 
What makes Love Coffee so special and what gives it huge tick on our list is its green philosophy. They keep everything local - from their special blend of coffee made by Durban's own Columbo Tea and Coffee Company, to ensuring that all their food is locally sourced. They save energy where they can and even their music is local. It's a great relaxed vibe and we couldn't have asked for a better place to have our meetings! 
Love Coffee is the perfect pit stop for a morning rush breakfast run, a quick lunch break and even a long and drawn out gossip session!

All pictures taken by Ruby and the Swallow, except for the Love Coffee Logo found here.

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