We rocked Roxette!

Happy Friday everyone! Its Kim here this morning, and I thought I'd end this week off in a retro-Friday-kinda-way way by telling you all about the fun that hit Durban last Tuesday night - ROXETTE! Unfortunately Filipa couldn't make the concert with me, but it was too amazing not to share with all of our readers! I was a major Roxette fan when I was a tween, owning all their CD's and knowing the words to all their songs off by heart. So you can imagine just how stoked I was when I heard they were coming to Durban. I went to the concert with some friends who I've known since our high school years, and we have been through many years of dancing to "How do you do!", played by one or other club DJ doing old school. We were pretty excited... and we did not leave disappointed!
The top picture what Roxette looked like, erm, 20 years ago? My photos below show what they look like now. And while they have aged somewhat, they've still got it! Per (the male half of the Roxette duo) was definitely the energy of the night, carrying the performance the entire way through. Marie (the female half of the duo), while still owning an incredible voice, looked rather fragile throughout the concert - the next day, after a few Googling sessions, we realised it was because she had cancer (a brain tumor) ten years ago and is now blind in her one eye. The fact that she has still managed to produce many albums since then, and is now doing a world tour is absolutely amazing - girl power to her!

We bought our Golden Circle tickets months ago, and were so happy when we found ourselves so close to the stage, about five rows from the front! We were close enough to see Marie's tiny legs in those leather pants, the wrinkles that weren't there when all their famous songs were released, and Per's sweat patches from dancing all over the stage strumming his guitar! I had the most amazing time, reminiscing to all the songs I once (and still) love, and it was SO worth going. 

We hope that any of you who saw Roxette (or might still be going tonight in Cape Town) had the time of your life! From us here in Durban, have a fantastic weekend Ruby friends, we will see you on Monday - look sharp! :)
Top image from here.
Other photographs from Ruby & the Swallow.

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