Bespoke Wedding Registry

Mention the word 'registry' to a bride and just watch her crumple into a ball of stress. Things like, do  you register at just one shop, or do you register at a whole bunch start becoming questions that have too many answers. Or, if you register at more than one store, how do you communicate all the details to your guests? What if the store messes up your registry and you end up with 15 gravy boats? It's enough to make us stress out, and we aren't even engaged! 
So when companies like Bespoke Registry run by Laura Hau start up, we get very very happy. Few companies excite us as much as this one does. It's classy, it's organised, it's contemporary and it's convenient. It's also the first of its kind in South Africa and we can't wait for something like this to spring up in Durban, as it is currently only available in Cape Town. 
So how does Bespoke Registry work? It's quite simple really. You have a one on one consultation with a Bespoke Registry consultant to set up and decide exactly what items you want to include in your registry. From there, you visit the affliated stores (there are a lot, find them here) and choose what you would like. Bespoke Registry will then give you complimentary cards that you can slip in with your wedding invitation explaining to guests how the registry works. Guests log into the site and find your registry. From there, they are able to purchase whatever is listed, or (and we LOVE this) they can contribute money towards larger gifts like furniture or appliances. If there is an outstanding amount on the appliance, you can either pay in the difference, or use the already collected money on something else on your registry. 
The registry is fully accessible to you 24 hours a day. Using a unique login code, you can edit your registry, see what has been bought and by whom. You can also exchange items that have already been purchased for others on your list. How flexible and convenient is all of this? 
And of course, it just gets better. Once you have finalised your order, you can expect to have all your gifts at your doorstep within 2 - 3 weeks. All the gifts will be beautifully wrapped and labelled. What wedding registry bliss! As we mentioned, Bespoke Registry is only avaialbe to Cape Town residents. We are certain that this business will be successful and that similiar ones will spring up in Johannesburg and Durban soon. In the meantime, visit their website here, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Picture Credits: First picture was found here and the rest of from the Bespoke Registry Website and Facebook page 

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