Camera Couture: designer camera bags {we'll take two, please!}

Okay, so we're not serious photographers or anything. But we did each recently buy ourselves a Nikon camera (see that post here), and so we're attempting to get more serious at this photography thing! Being the proud owners of the awesome Nikon Coolpix P7000, this camera is a mix between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR. It has all the features of a fancy camera, while still being compact enough to take to any occasion. Now what didn't come with our cameras were safe carry cases to keep them in - so wherever we take them, we make sure they are fully protected at all times! 

You can imagine our excitement when we came across this site. Camera Couture is a South African company whose online store shows only the most gorgeous bags, designed especially to hold big cameras. The point is that they are trendy - you can pack your camera into one of these and carry it around as if it is a handbag - making you fashionable at all times, thank you very much! There's nothing worse than lugging around a big Nikon camera bag, as well as your own handbag - Camera Couture has done all the work for us by combining the two, and producing this designer range. 
Camera Couture offers bags made by the awesome brands Jo Totes and Kelly Moore. We love the idea of this type of storage solution for organising, and each bag comes with adjustable velcro compartments and a padded interior. Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, this range is for you (you might not even own a camera, but like the bags they offer - that's okay too!).

There is even a men's bag range, so if you know a male photographer who would appreciate this as a gift, don't hesitate. We're absolutely dying to get our hands on one of these gorgeous bags - so all our friends and family reading, add this onto our birthday present lists, pretty please?
Photos from the Camera Couture Facebook page.

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