Mr Price shopping goes online *Eeek*

Oh dear ladies, your wallets are going to start trembling with fear in your handbags, your credit card is going to bury it's head in the sand, and your bank account is about to explode. Mr Price has officially opened their online store, and oh boy, is it awesome. 
Ever complain about your local Mr P not stocking what all the other larger Mr P's stock? Ever walk into the store, look at the chaos and walk straight out? Well those issues are a thing of the past. This site is fast, its trendy, its extensive (and we mean, extensive) and its so easy to navigate. 
So let's talk about the extensiveness of this website. And let's start off with the most important part - the shopping. The 'store' is divided into categories, upon categories, upon categories. And we love it. Searching for bags? Perfect, you'll find that page under the 'Shop by Accessories' page. Want to add a few necklaces to your collection? Well that page is under the 'Shop by Jewellery' page. You won't have a problem finding exactly what you want. And item pages are further categorised into styles. So for example, on the bags page, you can further filter your search down into what types of bags you are looking for - sling, tote, gym, you get the idea. 
Once you've found an item that tugs at your heartstrings, click on it for more detailed info. On this page you'll get a close-up of the garment (you can zoom in on it to really see all the details), the price of the garment and what colours and sizes it's available in. This biscuit of a website also suggests other clothing items that would match the current one you're looking at, completing your outfit. How smart! From there you can either add it to your wishlist, or add it to your shopping basket. Once you've completed your shopping, you simply check out. Before you can do this though, you have to register as a shopper on the website. You can choose to either pay via credit card, cash or (and this part scares us) on your account. You can also choose the type of delivery you would like - door to door, post office or store pick up (you must choose this option if you are paying by cash). So convenient! 
Besides the shopping, another great feature of this site are their trend boards - these are great for getting an idea of what's hot right now and how to pull the look together. The mood boards give you a great idea of the trend, and then you can hit the 'shop the trend' button to take you to a customised page of all the items grouped under that specific trend - how smart. This website is also super birthday friendly. If you're a bit neurotic as to what you like and don't like - why not email your wishlist to your friends? Everybody wins - you get exactly what you want, and they don't waste their money buying you something you'll never wear. 
Mr P, we take our hats off to you - you've really outdone yourselves this time. Now, where did we put that credit card...

All pictures are screenshots sourced from the Mr Price website found here. 

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