On trend: Biker Chic

Leather-hugging fashion is so in this winter, and the biker chic look never quite goes out of style. Think leather, studs, metallic zippers. Think Angelina Jolie; the biker chic style seems to be in fashion for her no matter what the season! The look can be achieved easily as it is actually rather minimalist. Cropped leather motorcycle jackets are all the rage - instead of the usual chunky jackets that were in fashion, now jackets are soft leather that hug your silhouette. Team that with your usual going-out outfit, and you'll look tough and chic all at the same time.

The key pieces with this look are the motorcycle jacket, pants or the black boots. The key fabric is, of course, leather! Wear all three to really get the look going, but if you're not that brave, choose one of the pieces to add an edginess to any outfit. With leather pants, a white shirt or white tee suits the style perfectly, and the oversized, embellished bag is a necessity for this look. Mix your summer floral dresses with black boots or a black leather jacket, and you'll be one saucy biker babe! Add red lipstick to add colour to your outfit, and you are ready to go. 

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