Photobooth Fun

What could be better than having stacks of pictures of all your favourite people wearing silly hats, pulling weird faces and holding up signs written to you? Nothing, we think. And if you agree, then the photobooth trend is exactly what you need for your wedding or even your next big event. 
A photobooth is exactly what it sounds like - a small area designated as a place where photos get taken. This space can literally be a 2m x 2m box with a camera in it (we're all familiar with those instant i.d photobooths) or it can simply be a backdrop with a digital camera set on a tripod. 
Setting up your own photobooth is really simple. You just need to remember these few things: 
- Get a sign up telling guests where your photobooth is, and what they should do. These could be simple instructions, like "Grab a hat and strike a pose" or something more elaborate like the one's pictured above.
- Try and get someone to man the camera. There's nothing more of a joy-kill than a camera that doesn't work everytime you slap a ridiculous prop on your head and strike a pose. If you can't get someone to man the camera all night, leave detailed instructions next to the camera so that guests can educate themselves. 
- Leave some props near the photobooth for your guests to have fun with. And get creative with them! Moustaches and lips are quite fashionable, as are chalkboards for messages to be written on. Don't forget to  bring in some of the classics - everyone loves a pink feather boa and a good set of bunny ears! 
- Photobooths do not have to overboard and flashy, so do what you can and what you like. A simple string of bunting, a piece of fabric tacked up onto a wall, go with whatever you fancy - its your photobooth after all! 
Remember when we had our own photobooth fun at the NWJ this year? If you're in Durbs and looking to hire a great company to do it all for you, then Photobooth Inc are your guys. They set up the entire booth for you and provide lots of fun props to play with. There are different packages to choose from, so get all their details here. 

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