Trending: Succulents as Decor

Succulents are fat, water retaining plants that look like cactuses and they are making their way onto our trend list as key decor pieces in and around your living space. They're great paired with stone jars and pebbles, or in terrariums as a great feature on a table or book shelf. We love their natural green tones, their fat, green flower appearance and the fact that they are very little work to take care of! They're also a really cheap way of bringing something different into your house. Buy a glass jar for around R15 from Mr Price, fill the base of it with moist soil, then a layer of stones, and top it off with your succulent. This mini terrarium will keep the succulent alive, while still looking stylish. We love a collection of these succulent jars centred on a dining room table, or just a single one on a side table or book shelf. Add them to your desk at the office for that extra special touch. Check out this collection of pictures to inspire you and help bring this trend into your home.

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