Food Landscapes: Carl Warner {Artistic Photography}

Banana Balloon
Cookie Town
As designers, we are very appreciative of beautiful works of art. And these Food Landscapes, or "foodscapes", were done by Carl Warner, a photographer from London. If you look very closely, these images below aren't painting but real photographs! Trees are brocolli and hills are baked potatoes. Warner draws on very conventional landscapes as he wants viewers to be fooled into thinking the scenes are real at first glance, and then realise what the real ingredients of the landscape are later. 
The process is super time consuming, taking Warner two or three days to build and photograph the images, re-touching each element to make it fit into the photograph. A lot of time is devoted to planning each image before he photographs the food.

Candy Cottage - This one's our favourite, isn't it delicious?
He has been called the "Architect of Edible Landscapes". We just love the whimsical vibrance these images exude, especially considering the relatively boring food subjects that make them up! It is a really odd thing to have started to do, but when Warner was asked about why he started creating these foodscapes, he said, "because I had the idea and I chose to do something about it". 

The Ruby Team loves it when ideas are made into actions :) Enjoy all this beautiful imagery!
2001 - A Breadscape
Bread Caravan
Bread Village
Brocolli Forest
Cheese Volcano
Chocolate Express
Cowboy Valley
Fruit Balloons and Cart
London Skyline
Mushroom Savannah
Pumpkin Paradise
Salami Road
Volcano Valley
Yellow Oasis
White Castle - This one is too beautiful, isn't it?
All food landscape images from and you can buy Carl Warner Food Landscapes from Amazon here.

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