In the Olympic spirit

You are living in a cave if you didn't know that the Olympics 2012 is currently occurring in London right now. Well it is - and it's AWESOME. We simply cannot get enough of all these incredible athletic feats. And if you're a truly patriotic South African, you were definitely watching Chad Le Clos winning his first gold medal last night - beating the greatest swimmer Olympian of all time (Michael Phelps). To make it even better, Chad is a Durban boy from Westville - which makes us even more patriotic than we already are! If you haven't watched the 200m metre butterfly, do yourself a favour and watch it! We've made it so easy by embedding the video below for you :) If you have watched it, watch it again. We did. A lot.

In the spirit of the Olympics, we wanted to show you what's been circling on the net since it began. We just love how the Games has the unique ability to unite the entire world at once. Just so festive. Every day Google has a different Google graphic on it's headline page - how cool are these two below?
Another thing we thought was epic was a set of London Olympics info-graphics {graphics that are informational in nature, i.e. not just pretty to look at}. They were designed, by Charlotte Estelle, to be distributed around the London underground station on a variety of London tube platforms running up to this years Games. All you graphic designers out there - you'll really appreciate this!


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