Introducing Wedding Party: The App for your Big Day

Let's face it, technology is taking over. And nowadays you can find apps for everything - from recognising a song and telling you what it is, to finding your nearest pet store, the iPhone (and android phones) are literally your own personal assistants, ready to make your life that much simpler. So it was only natural that a 1 x awesome app would make its presence known just for your big day. 

The Wedding Party  is a clever little app designed to bring together all of your guests photos of your big day. While the professional photographer is all about the details and capturing that perfect moment, often guests photos capture those other little moments that you might miss. And since most people take pictures on their phones nowadays, why not use them to create extra special memories? This app is really clever. And just so that we don't bore you with explanations  below is the exact description of the app from The Wedding Party: 
See, how simple is that? The best part is that guests don't necessarily have to be logged into the app for it to work. Guests can take photos at their own free will and then upload the photos afterwards. It's free and it eliminates the need for disposable camera's. There are also heaps of added benefits to this app too. Some of them include: 
You can also upload the photos onto Facebook, guests can interact on the app by commenting on pictures and leaving messages for you on the digital guestbook and uploading photos is really simple with the batch uploading tool. So if you're heading to a wedding soon, let the bride know about this app and get downloading! We're all about convenience, smart ideas and a good visual standing and this app has it all! Find out more about The Wedding Party on their blog, Facebook page , Twitter feed and Pinterest boards

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