Local is Lekker: Stokperd Furniture

How would you like to own your own custom piece of furniture? How would you like something hand crafted, unique and made of only the best materials sitting in your bedroom, lounge or kitchen? We all love the idea of owning something bespoke, something beautiful and something of true quality. Enter Stokperd Furniture, a local Cape Town based furniture company that specialises in custom-made, modern wooden furniture - perfect if you're just so sick of what the shops offer. 
But let's hear it from Monya Eastmen, owner of Stokperd: 

"I used to be a corporate girl, stuck in an office, daydreaming about making beautiful things. Then one day we renovated our home and I finally got my chance. Frustrated by not being able to find the kind of furniture I was looking for in the world of shops, I made a few drawings and got someone to build my ideas from scratch. And that’s how Stokperd began. This is probably where I should also explain what Stokperd means – it’s the Afrikaans word for hobby (or stick horse if you translate directly).
So this is me now, riding off on my stick horse…into the great big unknown.
In addition to creating beautiful things I generally just like to get my hands dirty. I grow stuff; I have a garden full of cherry tomatoes, rocket, fat purple aubergines & loads of vetplantjies. I’m also partial to winter, old things, small towns & the Karoo."
So if you're in the market for some new side tables, a day bed or maybe just a dining room table, then Stokperd should be your first point of departure. Monya will come into your home, take measurements and meet with you about what exactly you want. It's top class service and local flair which we love, coupled with a timeless sense of contemporary style. Choose between different wood finishes and custom-design your furniture pieces down to the last leg on the table with Monya. While Stokperd is based in Cape Town, we have no doubt that Monya would be able to help customers across the country. And her online store selection is more than enough inspiration to draw from too! 
Support local businesses and find Monya on Facebook or Twitter! Their blog is also a great read if you're into decor and anything fresh and local. 
All pictures sourced from the Stokperd Website

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