The Midlands Meander in pictures

What did you get up to this past weekend? A friend of ours is visiting from Cape Town, and since she has never been to the Midlands Meander (but heard so much about it of course!), we decided to take a morning drive through there to show her our beautiful Natal. The long stretches of road, dusty paths, dry Winter fields and rolling hills were so worth the trip.

Our first stop was at the Howick Falls, and even though a few of us have been there countless times, it is always too beautiful not to visit! We made a coffee stop after that to the Belgian Chocolate & Coffee Shop.. we soaked up the delightful Winter sun, while we sipped on our "DIY Hot Chocolate" - a lollipop of chocolate which you dip in a mug of frothy milk. Ab-so-lute-ly-di-vine! Even though we felt a bit sick afterwards {drinking a mug of Belgian chocolate can do that to do}, none of us regretted going. Next we took a bit of a history tour to the Nelson Mandela Capture Site. For all those interested in reading Madiba's story, go and see this for yourself. You don't have to pay to go inside, and the large canvas images evoke lots of goosebumps. Our final stop for lunch was at Caversham Mill; we sat on the deck under umbrella's overlooking the river. The food was fantastic, and along with a few glasses of wine, our afternoon couldn't have been any better than that!
All pictures taken by Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective.

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