The Rockin' 80's: Party Theme

We were born in the 80's. We can't say we grew up in that decade, but we are 1980's babies - and that definitely counts! Today's post is on the Rockin' 80's... it was inspired by a Hen's Party that I (Kim) went to last weekend where the theme was 80's. The coolest thing about this theme is that so much of the 80s fashion has come back, and in 2012 its all trendy again! Just walk into Mr Price, and you will find that almost everything on the racks stems from some sort of 1980s link. {Seriously, go to this page of their online store here and you'll see what we mean!}. While its not quite our style for everyday wear, we just love this for a theme party - not only is it easy to dress up in, but its really fun too! So if you have an 80s party in your future - or need a theme for an upcoming party - we've got you sorted, just look at these board below for some inspiration. Rock on!
Think Madonna, Flashdance, Dallas and Dynasty. Short skirts, parachute pants, legging, untidy hair, fishnets, shoulder pads and ripped sweatshirts. NEON. Wearing big sweaters over a miniskirt with bright leggings is one of the hottest 80s looks. Colour was the order of the day in this decade with bright everything, even if it clashed. For our 80s themed party, we decided on the neon look - so we paired bright baggy tops over mini skirts with tights, legwarmers and headbands.

There is no decade like the 80s. Embrace the kitsch, because that is the only way to dress for it!
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