On Trend: Stitched Wedding Stationery

We here at Ruby we love anything that screams unique. We also love texture, layers and colour. That's why we are absolutely smitten with the stitched invite trend. Take your standard run-of-the -mill invite out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary by adding in the texture of a sewn fabric, some ribbon or even just wool or thread into your invite. We adore the layered texture this lends to your invites and it just adds that point of difference that will keep your invite longer on your guests' fridge than anyone else's! So sit back and admire the collection of hand-stitched stationery we've put together. There are plenty of ideas and inspirations to draw from, so enjoy!

It's so easy to bring in different styles of stitch work into your invites! Click on the coloured links to find out where we found these inspirations. 
1 // Favour bags are sewn closed in a fun contrasting colour. You can also use this trick to seal confetti bags for your ceremony. 
2 // We love the look of this playful invite. The hot pink wool adds just the right amount of texture to this invite and adds that much more sparkle! 
3 // We love the look of these fabric pockets to place your invite and extra goodies in - no glue to stick pages together, no fuss of folding your wedding invitation or printing back-to-back. Simply print out your wedding invite, RSVP card and guest information card on seperate sheets of paper and sit them intside a pretty pocket of sewn fabric. Add a zip or velcro to the opens ends and it doubles up as a cute bag for your guests. Perfect! 
4 // Make your invite shine by using painted or printed fabric for your front cover. Sewn onto card, this makes the perfect alternative to what we are used to seeing. 
5 // Bunting is so in right now. Spice up your printed bunting by sewing in the finer details. Better yet, sew on tiny pieces of fabric to make your bunting even more 3D. 
6 // These invitations are inspiring and we shed a tear for the poor soul that had to hand-stitch so many of them. We totally admire and respect the amount of hard work that went into these intricate botanical invites and think it was well worth the effort! 
7 // This invite is given a special touch with lines of fabric sewn up the side. These sew marks not only add another dimension to the card, but they are functional too; sewing the two cards together. 
8 // For a fun and playful effect, die-cut paper flowers are sewn onto card instead of being stuck on - making for some 3D effects that we love. 
9 // These simple and elegant invites are given a hint of pink with wool accents to pretty them up 
10 // Keep it modern with a simple stitched line across the top of your page. So chic! 

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