Engagement Story: Dominique + Bruce

A more stunning couple I have not met. And the photographer of their Engagement Shoot agrees:

"Bruce and Dom were a little reluctant to get up early on a Saturday morning to catch the sun rise over Durban's golden coast line, but was all worth it when it peeked up from behind the horizonIt turned out to be a stunning morning with few people on the beach which suited a shy Bruce to pull out some of his best blue steel smiles. A stunning morning with a stunning couple! Looking forward to the wedding day in August." ~ James Gibbs

At the beginning of August, this couple were married in Durban and their wedding was just as lovely as they are. Congratulations guys! We can't wait to post on your wedding too :)

Full names of the couple:  Bruce Fraser and Dominique Kidd
Date of your engagement: 28th of August 2011

So what’s your love story?
I always love looking back and seeing how things have happened for a reason in your life! I was in 2nd year at varsity and I had a really tough test coming up, which we had all been studying for weeks for. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to go out the night before this test to a comedy show (such rebellion!;)). I met Bruce for the second time at the show, but luckily for his sake, he had enough ‘dutch courage’ that time around to ask for my number! And I still passed the test, bonus!

We started dating soon after that, although in the 5years that we had been dating, we lived in the same city for about a year and a half of them!!  Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonderJ. Although it was tough, it made us appreciate each other more, and we got to have some awesome holidays together because of it.

And here we are, 3 weeks into our married life and loving it!

How did he propose?
Bruce was working up in Tanzania at the time and he planned a surprise holiday for us to Mafia Island, which is just off of its coast. We stayed in a lovely little remote hotel and on our first evening there Bruce asked me to marry him on the beach at sunset with some yummy champagne! It really was so nice and relaxed, although for him I think only once he had got the question out!!

Did anything unexpected or extra special happen on the day you got engaged that surprised you and your fiance? (Or just you!)

No not really. I think although I had an inkling that it might happen, it’s such a happy surprise to see the ring and hear the whole story leading up to the proposal.

Tell us about the ring!
I love it, it’s simple and sparkly! Bruce had it made by a jeweller in Durban, and collected it about a month before he proposed. The ring went all the way up to the darkest spot in Mozambique and then all the way to Tanzania before ending up on my finger...I think those were a few stressful weeks for the guy!
What was your wedding date?
We got married on the 11th of August 2012

Any wedding tips to share with us?
Nope! All done and dusted! I wasn’t the most organise/clued up bride so I’m quite glad that all the planning is over, although it was definitely worth it, as most brides will tell you!
Engagement Shoot:
Venue: Durban beachfront
Photographer: James Gibbs (www.jamesgibbs.co.za)

All photographs owned and copyrighted by James Gibbs, and cannot be used without further permission.

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