Engagement Story: Jeanette + Tyron

This wonder couple met in high school in 2000, started dating four years later in 2004 after meeting again at a Matric dance, studied the same degree together at Varsity and eight years later can say that they are finally engaged! We love everything about this gorgeous and bubbly Durban couple and we can't to feature their beautiful wedding on the blog too! For now, sit back and read about their love story and epic engagement! 

The Couple: Jeanette Hawker and Tyron Veldman
Date of your engagement: 29 April 2012

So what’s your love story?
Tyron and I met in 2000; I attended the local Girls High School and he attended the local Boys High School. Through mutual friends, I met Tyron and we became friends and it quickly blossomed into something a little more than that. We had our first date that year, but sadly lost touch soon after. Years later in 2004, he came to my matric dance. I had lost my friends on the dance floor but found Tyron and we began dancing together. Next thing I knew he kissed me and we danced the whole night! A song then played that he really liked and he softly began serenading me. As the song ended, he said; "This night will be a story we tell our grandchildren one day!"  Eight years later we are the best of friends and have both graduated with BCompT degrees, with Tyron successfully qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2011.
How did he propose?
Well, there was a long weekend at the end of April going into May and Tyron had organised a weekend away for us with friends to go to Balitto. On the Thursday when I got home from work to pack for Balitto, Tyron gave me a sealed brown envelope which had my name on it. I opened it and inside he had written me a poem about how much he loved me and how much I meant to him, and at the bottom the poem, it said there is an invitation for me. I soon got given another sealed brown envelope and in it was an itinerary for a surprise trip to Cape Town!! He had planned so many activities for the weekend including wine tasting, a picnic, horse riding, a sunset cruise and lots of dinners - you name it, he planned it! I had a feeling that he might propose that weekend, but I didn't want to get my hopes up and then be dissapointed so I just went with the flow!  
He had been teasing me the whole weekend about proposing, but he never did and I was getting so frustrated and annoyed - talk about leading a girl on! So on the way home from dinner on our last night, I told him how frustrated and annoyed I was and that I needed to let off steam because even though I was having such a good time, I was ruining it by expecting to get proposed to. Tyron kept on his poker face and apologised for upping my expectations. But little did I know what was waiting for me! 
When we got back to the wine farm I walked into room and it had been set up with candles, red roses, and petals shaped in a heart on the bed - I was so confused! And then of all a sudden there was Tyron on one knee smiling at me. He pulled me to him, repeated the things I thought he would say when he proposed to me and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He then asked me to marry him. Eeeeek!! 
Did anything unexpected or extra special happen on the day you got engaged that surprised you and your fiance? (Or just you!)
The room being set up, which he had arranged with the owner was the extra special surprise. I was bummed when we left the restaurant because I thought it was our last night and the end of our trip. There was zero hope I was going to be proposed to when we got home. Guess he knows me way better than I thought because I really wasn’t expecting it there and like that. Ah it was the best, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing!!

Tell us about the ring! 
My ring is a total beaut! I had told Tyron I wanted a round solitaire diamond, and I had shown him a band that I liked. I hadn’t physically seen the band I wanted with the round diamond together, and all of a sudden the guy I love with all my heart is offering me my dream ring on condition that I marry him. I mean jeez, I definitely got the winning side of this! :) 
Have you set a wedding date? 
Yes! We are getting married on 1 June 2013, at The Windmills Boutique Hotel in Nottingham Road, Natal Midlands.
Any wedding plans so far to share with us? 
Flip, this stuff costs money!! So far we have our photographer, Carmen Roberts, our DJ, SoundMechanix, hair artist, Kerry Anderson and make up artist, Kendyl McPherson from Nixon Makeup. We want the wedding of our dreams, but more so we want to have a happy marriage filled with love and laughter. So before and after the wedding I don’t want to lose sight of the real meaning behind it.
Venue: Beach Bums Beach, and Broken Buildings by Ushaka and Durban Harbour train tracks
Photographer: My brother Jono at the beach, and Amy Du Toit at the buildings and harbour
Decor/Props: Amy DuToit Photography
Dress/Outfits: Ours
Hair: Myself
Make-up: Myself

All photographs, barring the 4th and 5th set are copy righted to Amy Du Toit and cannot be replicated or reproduced without prior permission from the photographer. The 4th and 5th set of photographs are copy righted to Jonathan Hawker and cannot be replicated or reproduced without prior permission from the photographer.

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