On Trend: In the trenches with CAMO

We never thought the day would come when we would see Camo make a comeback. We thought we had left it behind in the 90s along with chunky buffalo shoes and bomber jackets. But no, camo is making a come back in a big way and this time its sexy and fierce. Think loose fitting camo jackets over tight jeans. Think a camo blazer cinched in at the waist with a billowing skirt. Guy's aren't excluded from this trend either. We're seeing it in a lot of men's accessories like ties and scarves. Camo pants are also a big hit for the guys. 
The trick with this trend is to go for a subtle camo with muted colours. Don't go for the bright green camo, but rather the muted olive greens and browns. And steer away from ANYTHING that is not a traditional green and brown camo, otherwise you are heading straight into bad-tasteville. Remember to pair your camo jacket with ultra feminine pieces like skirts or cute shorts to balance out the look and keep you from looking butch. Bracelets and other chunky accessories will lift this look up too. Oh ya, camo is back. Embrace it. Love it. And be inspired.
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