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Wedding season is upon us again! And one of the many important choices for your Big Day is what hair style will you choose. There are oh so many choices when it comes to wedding hairstyles, and the whole process might seem quite daunting. Not only is it the most important day of your life, but it is also the day that you (and your hair) will be photographed the most! Choosing between up or down, half-up, loose and wavy, or straight and sleek can be extremely confusing. So today we're showing you some of the hottest wedding hair trends right now, and maybe we can inspire you a little and make your choice for your Big Day that much easier.

The biggest trends in the wedding world at the moment are romantic, wavy looks, vintage-inspired styles, twisted, braided buns and sleek side-chignons. See some of our favourite styles below. We think that the more natural you look on your wedding day the better. There's nothing worse than a bride who doesn't look anything like herself on the big day! We suggest going for a style that suits you, your dress and your hair type, and most importantly, that is not too over-the-top.
Even though traditionally it is much more acceptable to wear you hair up in a classic style, there are no rules any more saying that your style has to be perfectly combed. Sometimes, pairing a glamorous wedding gown with romantic, curly, undone locks can give you that perfect princess pose. There are so many beautiful downstyles, and the best thing about this style is that you can follow the way your hair naturally falls. There is something so angelic and fairytale-like about these styles.... We love how whimsical they all are.
Probably the most popular bridal hairstyle at the moment, is the side chignon. If a traditional wedding upstyle is too fussy for you, consider these do's? Everyone is sporting this style right now: sometimes it is messy and casual, sometimes sleek, and very often loosely braided. It is the perfect combination of classic and romantic. We just love it when the chignon incorporates a flower of sorts - too beautiful. 

Spring brides should definitely consider a braided do; its perfect for this season! Braids do not have to always be off-centre like the side chignon, and we love their simple, chic sophistication.

From our young years as ballerinas, many girls will never forget the classic beauty of the bun. There are so many detailed variations of this look and it is a huge trend for bridal hair. Whether your bun is sleek and sophisticated, or created from individual twists and braids, this style is a winner. We just adore the low, knotted bun. It looks so sleek and promises to make you feel like a queen on your wedding day.

If you're opposed to wearing a flower in your hair on your wedding day, why not consider a sparkly or pearly headband? Look how gorgeous these women below are - and it suits many hair styles! If you weren't sure what headpiece to add to your 'do, try these.

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