Are you at a Hipster Wedding?

We were sent this link from a friend, and we were laughing so hard that we just had to share it with you all! Enjoy - and try it out for yourself! :)
"So, your two friends love each other (and not even ironically!), and they've decided to get hitched in a manner that celebrates all their favourite things: each other, their friends, family, good music, solid food, homemade moonshine, Mason jars, pennant flags… wait a minute. If the wedding you're at more resembles a disconcertingly perfect yard sale than a traditional nuptial, you may actually be at a hipster wedding. Blame Pinterest, blame Portland, blame plaid — whatever — but we've got the 411 to figuring out whether you're at a hipster wedding (so you can tell all your mainstream friends that you were way more into floral crowns and gooseberry cocktails before it became a "thing")."
Infographic found here.

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