Engagement Shoot: Caitlyn + Brendon

We're very lucky to have met Caityln through work and we were blown away by the creativity and uniqueness of her wedding. Just like her, her wedding was colourful, unique, loud and whole lot of fun! When we saw the invitations, we knew that we just had to feature her wedding on the blog. But like all good things that are worth waiting for, we thought we'd show off their engagement shoot first. Shot by MAD Photo Design, these pictures are gorgeous and so varied - we loved every single one of them! Read on to find out about this divine couple and their engagement story. 
So what's your love story?

We don’t have a star crossed lovers story, or a melt your heart meeting, for us it was more the right place the right time kind of deal. Bren was a true party animal with a rocking bent, he is a socialite delux and where ever there is good music you will find Bren. I am more close friends, movie night, dinner out, quality time type of girl – don’t get me wrong I love to dance and am up for a party but its not what characterized my weekends. We reached a point in our lives where we were ready for more -  Bren will tell you that I chased him, set my sights and reeled him in! I’ll tell you that I’ve never chased a guy in my life, until I found the one that was worth running for. We had both been through relationships and knew what we weren’t looking for, I guess when we did finally get it together it was made to last!
How did he propose? 
On a casual day on the Midlands Meander, on a field with a picnic, Bren got down on one knee and popped the question – it was simple and to the point and so perfectly us.
Did anything unexpected or extra special happen on the day you got engaged that surprised you and your fiance? (Or just you!)
Well the actual engagement was a surprise. First Bren was fiddling with the self-timer on the camera and telling me to stand for a photo of the two of us, and next thing I know, I turn around and he's on one knee! 

Tell us about the ring! 
After being dragged through many a jewellery store to show him what I liked, Bren had his own idea the whole time. He had the ring custom made, and it was nothing like anything I showed him, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
When was your wedding? 
22 October 2011 (We'll do a post just on this wedding - don't you worry!) 
Venue: Ushaka Beach, Durban Underwater club
Photographer: MADphoto design
Decor/Props: We had various ideas that we played with that characterized us, Bren dragged his drum kit out and created a music scene, we had a romantic beach scene which we wrote messages on chalk boards to each other. 
Dress/Outfits: We put together stuff we had and borrowed the rest.
Hair: Myself
Make-up: Myself
All photographs copyrighted to MAD Photo Design and not for replication or reuse. 

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