Fairlady Bride {Summer Issue}

The Summer edition of Fairlady Bride is on the shelves now, so we suggest we run off to the shops now and get a copy!! If you're planning your wedding or know someone who is planning theirs, then this magazine is a great start... it's the ultimate wedding-planning friend.

When we saw that Fairlady tweeted about their Summer issue being on the shop shelves, we thought we'd go searching for it to see what it had to offer. While we aren't brides-to-be ourselves, we are over-enthusiastically interested in weddings, and love to find great tips!! We read this issue from cover to cover and can safely say we were interested from page one right to the end. The magazine is exactly like their normal Fairlady edition - except its ALL about weddings, how fabulous?!

We took some photographs below of our favourite page spreads of this Fairlady Bride issue. If you are just starting out with your wedding planning, we really suggest you go and grab yourself a copy. It's the perfect way to start looking at colour palettes, dresses, flowers and of course, a few real weddings! One of the most stand-out articles was the 101 Cost-Cutting Tips. If you are completely clueless as to what you want to spend (or not spend) your wedding money on, this article gives a lot of helpful advice.

Just like any magazine, Fairlady Bride starts off with light product pages. We absolutely loved these as they were individual pages adorned with matching palettes of colour!! Depending on what type of wedding you would like, they showed off soft pastels, jewel colours and yellow and grey. These were great for getting ideas!

This spread of bouquets showing briefly the kinds of flowers you can and can't have was so helpful. This must be one of the hardest things to choose for your wedding day. One of the greatest pieces of advice we picked up in this issue was that you should remember that you will hold your bouquet for at least 5 hours of your wedding: down the aisle, in your professional wedding photos, entering the reception and tossing the bouquet. So be sure to hold flowers that you absolutely adore as you will be looking at them in many photos for years to come!
Obviously, this is where the Ruby Team's hearts lie: stationery is just so beautiful and can really create the atmosphere for your Big Day. You can be as creative as you want to be!
It's always great to hear other blogger's tips, and Vicki from I Want That gives her Love It List. Be sure to read the Cost-Cutting Tips as well - there are some gems in there!
Fairlady bride site link here and Facebook link here.

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